Selling your home and pets

Keeping pets while selling your home can be a bit of a problem. Ask anyone in real estate and the 3 things that put people off houses that keep dogs are:

  1. The smell
  2. The mess
  3. Damage/Stains

These three things can be enough to put people off a home. What would have been a lovely image in their head of their family growing up in your home is now an image covered in pet hair, urine stains and more.

So today we are going to talk about how you can keep your house tidy and clean during the process of selling your home.

The Smell

Keeping a number of air freshners around the home helps, but what always works for us is baking bread about an hour before you are due to have a house viewing. This will fill the home with a lovely aroma of bread which will be fantastic and very homely to potential buyers.

It will of course also mask any smells your pets have left behind. Using baking soda on carpets before vacuuming can also help remove smells.

The Mess

Obviously, if you have poop and pee hanging around during a viewing you’re going to have issues. This is not a good look…

But hair on carpets and furniture looks bad, it’s dirty and can put people off, especially when they have to consider replacing floors to fix it which could add up to $1000’s.

I recommend doing two things, the first is hiring a professional carpet cleaning service and cleaning everything the best you can. This will cost $70-150 for the day, shop around for deals. This will make your carpets look new depending on how soiled they are.

Once this is done get a pet vacuum and keep on top of the job, removing hair everyday before it can mat with the carpet fibers and get stuck. A humidifier can also help prevent hair getting stuck in carpet, keep on top of this while your home is for sale.


To get rid of these it really depends on what the issues are. Here are some of the common items we see along with the solution:

  • scratch marks on doors, re-paint the doors.
  • carpet/flooring stains, get a cleaner to remove it the best they can.
  • damaged/chewed up furniture, get a cover for couches/chairs and refinish wood furniture.

Beyond this it’s just common sense, refinish or replace damaged furniture items.

What is a Guarantor Loan?

There are three basic types of loan – secured, unsecured and guarantor loans.

When a lender is deciding whether or not to give you a secured or unsecured loan, they will look at your credit profile, payment history, etc and use this to make a decision. This is great for people who have a long history of managing their own finances well, but is less than ideal for anyone with a poor credit history, or no history at all.

A guarantor loan basically means that instead of making a lending decision on your financial background, the lender will ask you to find someone to vouch for you and accept the responsibility of paying the loan back if you end up not being able to.

Guarantors are usually family members or very close and trusted friends, someone who is willing to take on some financial responsibility on your behalf. They will need to go through some quick vetting checks before your loan is confirmed and finalised.

One of the major benefits of guarantor loans is that it will help you build (or rebuild) a good credit rating. As you keep up with your loan repayments, this gets reported back to UK credit agencies and counts as a positive in your overall report.

Best Kratom for Pain

Pain hurts, literally. There is also a lot of pain killers out there, but many of which have serious side effects such as

  • Nausa
  • Addiction
  • Cause you to be drozy
  • Stop you from doing things such as driving

Having a chronic back issue or any other cause of pain which will not go away can be serious, many millions live like this and today we will be looking at Kratom as a possible solution to the problem.

What is Kratom?

Kratom is a plan that comes from Asia, it’s used for many purposes and has been used by locals for hundreds of years.

In recent times using the plant as a drug to help depression, low energy levels, anxiety and pain relief has become common place. It’s also used in some cocktails as a legal high for locals and tourists in Thailand.

Kratom works by suppressing pain receptors in the body like any other pain killer, however the side effects of Kratom are much more subdued than other main medications. The two main types of Kratom used for pain are:

  • Maend Da
  • Bali Red/White

If you are looking to buy Kratom to experiment with this is the best known Kratom for pain.  Be sure to work with a well known supplier, always check the companies background before ordering such items on the internet.

At the point when you get injured, for example, a wound or smolder, influenced nerves to communicate something specific up the spine to the focal sensory system and mind, which causes an assortment of neuronal reactions. One of these reactions is the creation of endorphins to decrease the view of this agony. These endorphins append to mu, delta and kappa opioid receptors, which bring about the abundantly required alleviation.

Alkaloids found in these leaves, particularly 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine, work correspondingly to the body’s regular endorphins. When they achieve the mind, these Kratom alkaloids append to opioid receptors, particularly mu and delta, and can diminish the view of the agony of all assortments, from the sharp sting from a slice to the dull bone profound hurt of back torment.

Due to this, when searching for a decent kratom strain for severe physical or mental suffering, you will need to discover a strain that is high in mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitraginine content.

Hadco Lighting 300 Watt Stainless Steel Multi-Tap 12-15 Volt Transformer Review

When looking for out door lighting and controls, you are going to need a transformer.

Transformers help send the right “amount” and “type” of electric to the light.

DetailsHousingHousing is 304 brushed stainless steel case with stainless steel screws and lockable captive door, hinged on side. Weather-proof compartment for plug-in time clock and photo cell. 1/2″ Knockout on one side for hardwiring or accessory mounting. In the enclosed bottom there are four double knockouts for 1/2″ or 3/4″ conduit. Internal transformer is epoxy encapsulated. Exterior Mounting – Transformer should be mounted on the wall, structure, or post in the vertical position. Cable entries should be positioned downward.Electrical Assembly6-ft heavy-duty 18-3 AWG, 105° C, SJT power cord with 3 prong grounded wall plug. The transformer is thermally protected on primary, and secondary side is protected by circuit breaker. Shielded between primary and secondary. Insulation type transformers for safe operation. Euro-Board terminal block for easy low voltage cable attachment. Line voltage amperage draw: 300VA = 2.7 amps. 12, 13, 14, and 15 volt output taps for design flexibility and longer cable run capability. One (1) 1-1/2″ conduit inlet. 50/60Hz input.


Kik Usernames, where do I get them?

What is Kik used for?

Like most messaging apps, kik is used to communicate with family and friends. It’s similar to apps such as snapchat which rely on the use of images.

Kik is one of the biggest messaging apps in the world, used by millions of people.

What is Kik?

Kik is a app that allows people to chat with their also allows group chats with your friends.

Finding your friends on kik can be difficult. But thanks to the team at Kik Snap Me we have an easy solution to this problem.

Through websites like kik usernames you are able to view essentially huge lists of kik users, find someone you like (or want to target for other reasons…) and add them right away.

This can be a great way to meet new friends!


SEO is one of the most dynamic topics online today among the webmasters and internet marketers. This is so because search engines especially Google keeps changing their complex ranking algorithm. What works to rank your websites a few years ago are no more working, worst still, they may get your website banned if done today. The more search engines keep changing their algorithm, the more the topic and everything related to it remains dynamic.

As a beginner in the world of SEO you need to keep a common sense SEO approach to learning this craft, you need to understand that there are no better ways to rank your website on the first page of any search engine’s SERP than to do proper SEO of your website and its content.In its simplest term, performing SEO of your website is giving the necessary signals to the search engines what your website is all about so they can rank it for those terms if anybody searches for such terms. You need to convince search engines bots that your website deserves one of the top spots on their SERPs. You do this mostly with content – it may be the content on your website or the content you post on other people’s website.To achieve this, there are some rules to follow. If you follow these rules to the letter without trying to cut corners which will always come back to hurt your rankings, then the bots will also reward you with top spot for those terms in their SERPs.While the internet is bloated with different tips for newbies, most of them are theories and not how it could be done practically.

1. Page Titles and description

Page titlesThis is one of the most important aspects of SEO and I have decided to put it first on this list though it is not as if the rest are arranged according to their order of importance.Findings have revealed that optimized page title is important to Google SEO. The benefit of the page title is that it helps the user and the search engine bots understand what the page is about.Each page on the website needs to have a unique page title that accurately describes the page’s content, what the page is about. You would need to be brief and exact in the description of your page. There are always different pages that talked about different things on a website. Each page is unique and you need to treat them as such. What you would write as the title of the home page would be different to what you would write as the title of the blog post page or contact us page.
Page description and Google authorship statusThe page description Meta tag is also very important. Page description Meta tags give search engine and users a summary of what the page is about.Always keep the size between 140-150 characters and avoid repeating the title of the page in the description. Few keywords may be added but don’t add too much of them. Google may decide to show what you typed in the description as a snippet for that page or may decide to use a part of your page’s content.They always decide that but the bottom line is to be explicit enough and avoid repetition and keyword stuffing.


2.   Your Internal Links

These are links on a page that point to other pages within the website. Internal linking is done so as to connect all the topics on your site together. For example, if a user is reading a post and he comes across a link with anchor ‘ways to improve your memory’ he or she should be redirected to a page within the website to find out more information on ways to improve your memory.Internal linking is an important factor for website SEO that search engines love. One of the things you should put into practice is you should always link related articles together either by using keyword anchor text or by using the full article title using related posts. It is recommended not to exceed 4-5 links in a post depending on the length and make sure that none of these links are broken. Broken links can be a huge deterrent for both engines and users. Beware not to interlink for search engines only. Make sure the links are easy to understand by the search engine bots and helps the user explore your site better.


3.   Backlinks or External links

Backlinks are important to SEO success. As much as it is important, the quality of the links also matters more than ever now. Low-quality links being directed to your website could result in your site being penalized, although it’s becoming rarer given the presence of negative SEO. Low-quality links are links gotten from low-quality sites. Low-quality sites are sites that offer no quality or value to the internet thereby given low-quality score by Google. These are websites with thin and poor quality content, and no real audience or traffic.Google would like your website to be linked to from a range of high-quality websites. There are always a copious amount of high-quality websites in any niche. Reach out to high-quality websites in your niche. They will also reach out to you if you continue to create high-quality content users love.


4.  Text formatting and the use of H1, H2, and H3

Before you publish a text on your website make sure you do some basic formatting. Not doing basic formatting is not good for the user experience and is an anti-SEO.The H1 (which stands for heading one) is one of the first things search engines see after the title of your page which makes it a very powerful page element. Use only H1 tags for the title of your post and H2 tags for the main headings of your post and H3 for subheads or section heads. You may use BOLD and Italics to draw users attention.Use a font size that is easy to read and when formatting your posts always have in mind the user experience. Use a font size that is easy to read.


5. Quality Content is King

Gone are the days when a webmaster can string up series of words, stuffed with keywords, publish it on his website and be ranking in Google in few days. The algorithms then were not so advanced then but now it is a different game entirely. With complex algorithms that check every article line by line and every site page by page, no way a site with junk, low or spammy content can rank high in SERPs.Do yourself and your website a favor by writing top notch content always with a reasonable keyword density.  In conclusion, this is by no means all the tips of factors you have to take into consideration to rank high or improve your rank in SERP, but doing the above will set the pace for you to build on.






Refinancing Your Home

Refinancing your home can be a bit tricky and the bank or broker who tries to sell it to you will undoubtedly be savvy in doing so. I constantly hear some of my best customers say they don’t want to refinance because they don’t want to add to their principal balance; but for some reason, they still want some equity and a lower monthly payment. It’s really funny from a broker’s perspective. The bottom line is, if you don’t plan on staying in the house for the full term of the loan (30 years typically) and you have some equity, refinancing can be beneficial.

There are 2 reasons people refinance:
1) lower monthly payment or
2) cash out.

Sometimes people want the best of both worlds, but you can’t get both. No matter your reason for refinancing, I suggest you have at least 25 % equity in your house before you move forward. For example if you have a $100,000 balance, your house should be worth at least $125,000 (or 25% more than the value). Why? Well, the first thing is that in this market you’re only going to be able to refinance at about 85% loan to value (LTV) of the market value. Meaning, you’ll only be able to refinance for $106,250. That leaves you with $6,250 to work with. Most, if not all, of that money will be eaten up in closing costs. If you actually want to pull out some cash, I’d say you need to have 35% equity in your home. Using our example from earlier would mean your house should be worth $135,000. At 85% LTV, your new loan would be $114,750; subtract your payoff ($100,000) and 5% closing costs ($5,000) and you’re left with $9,750 to play with.

Equity is the key component when deciding whether to refinance. I suggest waiting 2 to 5 years before considering a refinance, unless your home came with equity. If you play your cards right, the only disadvantage to your new refinance should be the fact that you’re adding to your principal balance. However, if you’re like most Americans, you’re not going to live in the house for 30 years so adding a little to your balance with equity left over shouldn’t put you in a bind. In fact, you can use it as a means to cash out twice: during the refinance and once you sell.

Should You Refinance Your Home Mortgage?

Since the economy is in trouble, interest rates are great right now, and refinancing your lumbering loan fan be a fabulous reset to your financial history, and can even save your home if you are currently in financial peril. Refinancing your loan can save you money in interest and can even be used to consolidate credit card debt, student loans, and other debts. However, there are a number of things you should know and do to protect yourself and your investment when refinancing your mortgage.

According to the folks over at Refinancing Right, a website dedicated to guiding the consumer toward a financially successful and well-planned mortgage, there are several steps you should take before you seek to refinance your home mortgage. For one, you need to sit down with a Mortgage Loan Calculator and a Refinance Calculator and figure out whether refinancing your home is right for you.

Since the economic slump has caused a significant drop in interest rates, chances are that you will probably benefit from refinancing your mortgage. However, mortgage rates do largely depend on your credit, so make sure you do some research and find out the state of your credit before you begin to consider refinancing your mortgage.

You may want to make improvements to your credit to save yourself some money in interest when you refinance. Many financial collections companies are able to make a settlement on a debt that will save you interest in the long run; some even offer a service to remove the negative report from your credit entirely.

It is possible for a mortgage to save you thousands of dollars in payments on your home. Another benefit to refinancing your home is that you can use a refinanced mortgage to consolidate and get a lower interest rate on your debts. If your credit rating is good, you can even get cash to make improvements or additions to your home, such as new appliances for the kitchen, or a new room for the baby.

When refinancing your home, you have to remember that there are unethical Mortgage Brokers out there, and it is your responsibility to protect yourself by keeping informed. You must know the advantages and disadvantages of the refinancing deal they’re offering you. If you feel that you don’t trust your mortgage broker in any way, seek a new mortgage broker. A refinancing mistake or omission can cost you thousands, so make sure you keep on top of your money.

Mortgage Rates Are Low -Should You Refinance?

Mortgage rates are lower than they’ve been in years, and are close to the lowest in decades. Refinancing your mortgage is once again becoming attractive. But how do you know if they’re low enough for you to refinance now?

Why refinance your mortgage?

Is your mortgage interest rate over 6%? Did you buy into that sneaky mortgage broker’s line and get an adjustable rate mortgage, or ARM? If you did, your rate may be about to reset, increasing your monthly payment by up to 50%!

Refinance now into a new 30 year fixed mortgage and you could cut hundreds of dollars off your monthly mortgage payments. Even better, with a fixed rate you don’t need to worry about future rate increases.

When you might be better off not refinancing

Refinancing a mortgage means taking out a new mortgage to pay off the old one. Like last time you signed the dotted line, there are closing costs to consider. Even for a refinance, these will be substantial. Get a “good faith estimate” from your lender to see the best estimate for those costs.

Fees you need to consider include appraisal, credit check fee, and various service fees, all numbered from 801 to 899. Add taxes and government fees along with title company charges. These are all numbered from 1101 to 1399. Sum up all these costs to see how much refinancing will actually cost you.

For this purpose ignore items from 901 to 1099, covering interest on the new loan and setting up a new escrow account. These will be made up by the monthly payment you’ll skip and the refund of your old escrow account.

If you’re planning to sell your house in a few years, you may not have enough time to fully recoup your refinancing costs. Even if you roll the closing costs into the new mortgage, you’ll still pay them back over 30 years, with interest.

The bottom line – should you refinance now?

Ask your lender how much your monthly payment will drop. Once you’ve summed up your actual costs of refinance, divide that by the reduction in your monthly payment. The result is the number of months it will take you to recoup your refinance closing costs. If you can recoup your costs before you’re likely to sell the house, by all means consider doing so. Otherwise, wait and see if rates drop far enough to change that answer.

First Time Home Buyers

Once you decide that you do want buy a home and you can afford it, the next step is to figure out how you’re going to pay for it. Most buyers seek financing either through a mortgage broker or through a bank. What exactly is a mortgage broker? A broker comes in many shapes and sizes and they go by many names. Some are called loan officers, mortgage consultants, mortgage planners, etc. Essentially, brokers are third party representatives who finance home loans for borrowers.

Brokers provide a distinct advantage over simply getting financed through the bank. The primary advantage they provide is the ability to shop your loan around to different lenders. There is a stigma out there that brokers use the same 2 or 3 lenders; however, as a broker myself, I must disagree. Brokers have certain lenders that they are comfortable with because they may do a lot of business with them and know their programs better than others. But there are those other lenders that brokers turn to when they run into a difficult file.

The lender chosen by the broker depends a great deal on the borrower. If a borrower has excellent credit and wants the best rate, there are a group of lenders the broker will go to for that. If a borrower has bad credit and few assets, there are a group of lenders brokers will go to for that. In some cases, a broker may send your file to 2 or 3 banks at the same time just to see who’s more eager to do the loan.

On the other hand, getting financed through a single bank these days can be very risky business. A total of 95 banks have gone out of business this year including one of the biggest, Taylor Bean amp; Whitaker. Applying for a loan through 1 bank is akin to putting all your eggs in 1 basket; if the bank fails, you can kiss your loan goodbye. A good broker should already have your loan pre-approved with several banks so that if 1 fails, they can quickly shop it to the other. Whether you decide on a bank or a broker, do your research on the company beforehand because in this financial market stability is everything.