31000 Euro Credit – Immediately – now from 269 Euro a month

Are you planning to borrow 31000 Euros? Or are you already one step further? Should follow a final loan comparison, then it goes into “the full”?

For planning and application you are at the right address. Attached to the page is one of the market-leading comparison computers. In addition, we present you in the text your loan, 31000 Euro with 84 months (10 years) term closer.

31000 Euro credit – which purpose?

31000 Euro credit - which purpose?

Basically, the bank does not care what someone is spending their money on. Nevertheless, the question of the purpose is appropriate. Normally, 31,000 euros of credit are not taken up by anyone in order to “put them to waste”. As a rule, borrowers create a high-quality thing with it. Or they invest the money in the value preservation of their property.

In other words, for example, they buy a car or renovate their aging home. This is credit, 31,000 euros is a lot of money, future-proof. For the bank – in the case of a problem – a value that it can access. Banks often reward investment in tangible goods by offering cheaper interest rates.

Naming the purpose does not satisfy the curiosity of the bank, but often leads to low-interest credit. But with the car loan, to give the child a name, not rescheduling is excluded.

Special conditions for the purpose


For example, if a loan of € 31,000 is taken for a car purchase, its use is clearly specified. First of all, it is certain that the money will flow into the car purchase. With cheaper interest rates banks reward the purchase of cars. But the last word about the actual use is not necessarily spoken. The loan, 31000 euros total could also be split.

Part of it flows into the MRP balance. To make it clear by numbers, 6000 Euro Dispo dissolve in the air. The remaining 25,000 euros are used for buying a car. In order for such, very popular products to remain cheap, some banks are granting special rates. The low-interest car loan is applied for, but it is still allowed to use part of the money for rescheduling.

This is also very practical if the still-funded old car is to be sold privately. Through the loan, 31000 euros total for different payments, the letter is free.

Credit comparison – benefits from the profession

Credit comparison - benefits from the profession

Some job descriptions, more specifically the work for the state, are highly valued by banks for credit. The likelihood of credit problems for civil servants or public servants is low. Some offers are therefore tailored precisely to this target group. In comparison would be the Creditend preferred loan and the credit of AWsD.

31,000 euros credit, 84 months of maturity, admits the DSL Bank to 4.44 percent APR as Creditend. According to DSO, all customers of the bank pay € 428.78 per month for this offer. To the credit balance thus altogether after 7 years 36.017,20 euro. The bottom line is that customers carry a total of € 5,017.20 in borrowing costs for their loan, € 31,000 net loan amount – 84 months.

Lowest Interest – 31000 Euro Credit

Lowest Interest - 31000 Euro Credit

To compare credit, 31,000 euros with an 84-month maturity, is not always easy, even if it seems so. In the case of “credit-based interest rate offers”, the personal credit rating determines the interest rate. Thus neither the favorable initial interest rate nor the maximum interest rate can be a serious benchmark. Compared to DSO.

The “representative credit example” shows the conditions under which at least two thirds of the real clients of each bank use the offer. Only the DSO example provides a realistic benchmark. In the current credit comparison, 31,000 euros credit, 7 years term, the loan of Intrasavings Bank would be the cheapest offer.

Because, 2/3 of real customers pay 3.29 percent APR. Thus, a monthly rate of 412.99 euros. For credit equalization after 84 repayment months thus a total of 34,691.48 euros. The bottom line, customers pay the bank only 3,691.48 euros borrowing costs.

Credit for difficult cases

Credit for difficult cases

With a tip for credit, 31000 euro loan amount in difficult cases, ends the text section. Extra credit of Serto Bank is considered the recommendation that intermediaries in the difficult case like to give.

According to DSO, 2/3 of the bank’s customers pay 9.12 percent APR for a credit of 31,000 euros – 84 months in duration. The monthly rate at this rate is 494.99 euros. For the credit balance after 7 years thus a total repayment of 41,578.98 euros.

All in all, this equates to pure credit costs of € 10,578.98. Not necessarily cheap, but in spite of increased credit risk.

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